Eleventh Doctor

The Tenth Anniversary of The Day of The Doctor - Earth Station Who Ep 336

The Tenth Anniversary of The Day Of The Doctor

It’s hard to believe it’s been a decade since the premiere of The Day of the Doctor. Mike, Mike, Mary, Melanie Dean, and Scott Vigiue look back at Stephen Moffat’s monumental magnum opus while also looking ahead to the upcoming sixtieth anniversary. We want to hear from you! Please write

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Timestamp: Series Seven, Specials, and Eleventh Doctor Summary

Doctor Who: Series Seven, Specials, and Eleventh Doctor Summary The Eleventh’s senior showing was a good wrap to the run. For the purposes of the Timestamps Project, Series 7 and the specials that wrapped up Matt Smith’s era are treated as a single group, and among them were very few

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Timestamp #251: The Time of the Doctor

Doctor Who: The Time of the Doctor (1 episode, Christmas Special, 2013) Death and birth in Christmas. A fleet of ships respond to a tri-tone signal echoing in the cosmos from a seemingly unimportant planet. The Doctor is among the respondents and transports aboard a Dalek ship. When they start

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Timestamp #250: The Day of the Doctor

Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor (1 episode, 50th Anniversary Special, 2013) The big event in a cup-a-soup. The Last Day A soldier opens his eyes to find someone standing over him. The soldier is part of the army on Gallifrey and has been fitted with a headcam. The

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Timestamp #249: Clara and the TARDIS & Rain Gods & The Inforarium

Doctor Who: Clara and the TARDIS Doctor Who: Rain Gods Doctor Who: The Inforarium (3 episodes, Blu-Ray Specials, 2013) Tying off loose threads before the anniversary party. Clara and the TARDIS Clara Oswald gets into an argument with the TARDIS. It seems that the TARDIS is playing practical jokes on

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Timestamp #248: The Name of the Doctor

Doctor Who: The Name of the Doctor (1 episode, s07e13, 2013) The prophecy of Trenzalore comes to call. Clarence and the Whispermen Locked away in a jail, serial killer Clarence DeMarco shouts at whispering inhuman creatures. He insists that they are nothing more than voices in his head and asks

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Timestamp #247: Nightmare in Silver

Doctor Who: Nightmare in Silver (1 episode, s07e12, 2013) Planet’s closed. Moose out front should have told you. The TARDIS lands on Hedgewick’s World of Wonders, which looks suspiciously like Earth’s moon. Clara, Angie, and Artie are unimpressed, but the mystery of a man waiting for a ride and the

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Timestamp #246: The Crimson Horror

Doctor Who: The Crimson Horror (1 episode, s07e11, 2013) Pulpy sci-fi disease horror fun. Yorkshire, 1893, is the source of a mysterious condition that leaves victims preserved like statues with red skin. The incidents – the Crimson Horror – are occurring with a startling degree of foretelling by Mrs. Winifred

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Timestamp #245: Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS

Doctor Who: Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS (1 episode, s07e10, 2013) If the TARDIS gets illegally salvaged but no one remembers, did it actually happen? In the depths of space, a Van Baalen Bros. salvage ship cruises as brothers Bram and Gregor sleep and android Tricky works. The

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Timestamp #244: Hide

Doctor Who: Hide (1 episode, s07e09, 2013) A ghost story? The mystery begins at Caliburn House. It is November 25, 1974, and is the fourth night of Professor Alec Palmer’s attempt to contact an apparition with his psychic assistant Emma Grayling. As they make another attempt, they are interrupted by

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Timestamp #243: Cold War

Doctor Who: Cold War (1 episode, s07e08, 2013) Hungry like a wolf. North Pole, 1983: In the frigid depths, a Soviet submarine conducts an ICBM launch drill. They are interrupted by Professor Grisenko, a man who has secured a certain specimen during this voyage. Captain Zhukov and Lieutenant Stepashin face

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Timestamp #242: The Rings of Akhaten

Doctor Who: The Rings of Akhaten (1 episode, s07e07, 2013) Dining on infinity. A brisk wind blows the autumn leaves, particularly one large red leaf that flies into a man’s face. As the man stumbles into the street, a woman saves him from being run over. The pair begin a

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