Dr Scott Viguie

ESO Special ESO Network Recording 2016

The 6th Annual ESO Network Dragon Con Special

The ESO Network celebrated the 30th anniversary of Dragon Con with a toast and tales from Mike, Mike, Dr. Scott Viguie, Debbie Viguie, Jason De La Torre, Rita De La Torre, Darren Nowell, Mary Lou Who, Amanda Campbell, Brad Jackson, Joe Harris, Rebecca McCoy, Mary Ogle, Angela Pritchett, Kevin Eldridge,

Now Available ‘Earth Station One Tales of the Station’

Now Available through the ESO Amazon.com store, get your copy now. If your going to be at Dragon Con all the authors will be available to autograph it for you Sunday at 2:30pm in the Marriott in the International Hall South. New Legend Productions is proud to publish Earth Station

Earth Station One Episode 249 – Buckaroo Banzai

Hey, hey, hey, hey now. Don’t be mean. The ESO crew shines the spotlight on that rocking’ science hero, Buckaroo Banzai. Mike, Mike, Dr. Scott Viguie, John McCarthy, and John Morgan “Bat” Neal travel across the 8th Dimension to explore this cult classic. Also, comic artist Jeremy Haun has faced

Earth Station One Episode 244 – Farragut Fest 2014

The ESO crew beamed over to the Starship Farragut to find out why Trek fans from all ages boldly go to Kingsland, GA this time of year. Mike and Mike speak with producers John Broughton, Michael Bednar, and Michael Day to find out what it takes to build a Federation

Earth Station One Episode 221 – Our Future According To Sci-Fi

This week, the ESO crew takes a look at things to come via the science fiction magic 8-ball. The “Very Doubtful” Director Faber, the “Reply Hazy” Mike Gordon, and the “Most Likely” to be an award-winning author Bobby Nash and joined by “Without a Doubt” Dan Haight and “Outlook Good”

Earth Station One Episode 213 – The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie Review

This week, the 2014 Summer Movie Season began and the friendly neighborhood ESO crew swung into the theater to check out The Amazing Spider-Man sequel. Mike, Mike, the award-winning author Bobby Nash, Doctor Scott Viguie, and Ashley Bergner discuss whether the film actually was amazing, spectacular, sensational, or even superior.

Earth Station Who Episode 46 – The Two Doctors

In this episode the crew of ESW finishes off our look at Doctor Who crossovers. This time out we look at the “The Two Doctors”, which feature the return of The Second Doctor and Jamie, and some creatures that look like Sontarans. With Mike G still recovering from San Diego

Earth Station One Episode 170 – Who Is That Masked Man? The Lone Ranger

On this episode, the ESO travels to the old west to try to collect the bounty on the masked ex-ranger and his Indian companion. Mike, Mike, Jennifer, the award-winning author Bobby Nash, New York Times bestselling author Debbie Viguie, Dr. Scott Viguie, Joe Crowe, and Ashley Bergner cue up the

Earth Station One Episode 168 – Our Favorite Robots

Androids, replicants, automatons, mechanical men…no matter what you call them, we do serve their kind on Earth Station One. Mike, Mike, award-winning author Bobby Nash, Dr. Scott Viguié, and the Amy Adams-obsessed Grundy discuss the greatest robots in fiction and whether or not they’ll be a reality in our lifetime.

Earth Station Who Episode 40 – Colin Baker Live from TimeGate 2013

A special episode of ESW live from TimeGate 2013, where we gather podcasters from the Doctor Who Podcast Alliance to speak to Colin Baker, the 6th Doctor himself. Panel hosted by Mike Faber of ESW and featuring Chip from the Two Minute TimeLord, Ian from Cultoom Collective, JC & Rita

Earth Station One Episode 151- The World of Mel Brook, Harrumph!!

Would you believe the iconic entertainer Mel Brooks visits the station and shares some laughs with the crew? No? How about his son, writer Max Brooks? No? How about Mike, Mike, and Bobby reviewing the great career of Mel Brooks with Sammi Stephans (Your Site of Sites), Patrick Freeman (Sci-Fi

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