Bobby Nash

Earth Station Trek – Bobby Nash – Episode 145

We are privileged to be joined this week by award-winning author Bobby Nash! We’ll be talking about his Trek history and his writing, and how those two things have converged in scripting for Star Trek fan films! Bobby is the author of the Snow Series, featuring Abraham Snow, and has

Earth Station One Ep 725 - Justified: City Primeval Review

Justified: City Primevil Review

US Marshal Raylan Givens is back, but he’s in a place much darker than Kentucky. Mike, Mike, and award-winning author Bobby Nash ask “You good?” with the follow-up to one of the best Neo Western series of all time. All this, along with Angela’s A Geek Girl’s Take, Ashley’s Box

Earth Station One Podcast Ep 704 - 50 Years of Bionics

Earth Station One – 50 Years of Bionics

In 1973, Colonel Steve Austin, an astronaut, failed to hold his ship from breaking up and it cost the taxpayers six million dollars to make him better, stronger, and faster. Mike, Mike, Steve Fowler, and the award-winning author Bobby Nash discuss why they have been hooked on Bionics for the

The Earth Station One Podcast – Poker Face Season 1 Review

Keep your earbuds in, because you’re about to hear the podcast of a lifetime, and that’s no BS. Mike, Mike, Phaedra Eason, Brad Detchevery, and the award-winning author Bobby Nash discuss the debut of Charlie Cale, a human lie detector created by Rian Johnson and Natasha Lyonne. All this, along

The Earth Station One Podcast Ep 673 - Here's Looking At Casablanca at 80

The Earth Station One Podcast – Here’s Looking At Casablanca at 80

Since late 1942, everyone has come to Rick’s Cafe at one point or another. Mike and Mike round up the usual suspects of Dave Chapman and the award-winning author Bobby Nash and discuss the classic film’s lasting legacy as time has gone by. Plus, Angela’s A Geek Girl’s Take and

Earth Station One Podcast Ep 671 - Catching Up With Bobby Nash

The Earth Station One Podcast – Catching Up With Author Bobby Nash

The award-winning author and former Earth Station One cohost had one of his most productive years ever in 2022. Mike and Mike chat with Bobby about his plans for the new year and especially his tales of the devilish town of Dante, Arizona. Plus, Angela’s A Geek Girl’s Take and

Nightveil Book Review By Ron Fortier

‘Nightveil’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

NIGHTVEILCrisis at the Crossroads of InfinityBy Bobby NashPro-Se Press171 pgs Several years ago AC Comics, one of the longest-running independent comics companies in the country, joined forces with New Pulp publisher Pro-Se Press to produce several novels based on their colorful comic book characters. Writer Bobby Nash immediately signed on

Earth Station One Ep 628

The Earth Station One Podcast – A Marvel Double Feature Review

An MCU double feature! Mike, Mike, Ashley, and the award-winning author Bobby Nash take a look at the many faces of the newest Marvel hero, then open a portal to witness witchcraft, sorcery, and the madness of the multiverses. We want to hear from you! Feedback is always welcome. Please

Earth Station Who Ep 296

Earth Station Who – The Arc of Infinity

The Earth Station Who podcast crew celebrated their ten-year anniversary by visiting the Doctor’s homeworld with the Fifth Doctor, a Tony award-winning member of the High Council of Time Lords, and a security commander who would later become the next lead of the series. Mike, Mike, and Mary are joined

The Earth Station DCU Episode 252 – The Suicide Squad

This Week on Earth Station DCU! Drew Leiter and Cletus Jacobs are joined by Chicken Town’s own Kevin Eldridge and the Award Winning Bobby Nash to discuss The Suicide Squad Movie. Superman is teleported to a fascist planet in Justice League Infinity #2. Red Hood leads Task Force-X in Suicide

Earth Station Who Ep 262

Earth Station Who – The Ark In Space

A routine trip to the moon goes wrong for the Fourth Doctor and crew thanks to some fiddling with the helmic regulator. Mike, Mike, Mary, and the award-winning author Bobby Nash travel to several thousand years well beyond the thirtieth century to help what’s left of humanity with their Wirrn

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