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Live from Chickentown, Kevin and Kornflake sip nasty black coffee and talk about silly & geeky things.

Frequent subjects include: Saturday morning cartoons, Dr. Demento-style funny music, TV and movies of the 1970s and 1980s, comic books, classic video games, and, uh, chickens. (We like chickens.) There’s also lots of convention talk, as we regularly attend DragonCon, MarsCon, and other nerdy gatherings. We’re frightened and confused. Join us!

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Flopcast 578 George Jetson and Rosie the Robot

Flopcast 578: Maids and Butlers FlopFight Part 2 – The Sassiest Squirrel

Flopcast episode 578! Let’s wrap up the weird tournament we started last week: Our latest FlopFight, featuring maids and butlers from sitcoms, cartoons, and beyond. We have TV characters from the 60s like Lurch (The Addams Family), Mr. French (Family Affair), and Rosie the Robot (The Jetsons). From the 80s

Flopcast 577 Florence and George Jefferson

Flopcast 577: Maids and Butlers FlopFight Part 1 – Nonstop Sass Attack

Flopcast episode 577! We grew up in a world where seemingly every sitcom included a maid or a butler. Even middle class TV households somehow afforded live-in servants. And this week all those maids and butlers shall do battle in a good old fashioned FlopFight! What would happen if Benson

Flopcast 576 Love Boat musical

Flopcast 576: Tape Your Melons

Flopcast episode 576! Another quick and silly Flopcast, including: Way too much Scotch tape trivia from Kornflake; this year’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees (and how they ranked in the 80s); Dolly Parton’s new star-studded rock album (hey, where’s Tiffany?); Bernie Taupin vs. REO Speedwagon; the Love Boat musical; and

Flopcast 575 Jane Wiedlin Star Trek

Flopcast 575: Sponges and Shiny Blankets Everywhere

Flopcast episode 575! It’s a quick Sunday brunch edition of The Flopcast! Except we forgot to have brunch! Anyway, Kevin has tales from the cold and rainy Margarita Half Marathon (with margaritas and shiny blankets), and the hot and grueling Providence Marathon (with Mickey Mouse hands and Jeff Goldblum heads).

Flopcast 574 Maragita half marathon logo

Flopcast 574: Soggy Tacos

Flopcast episode 574! For just the second time in three horrifying years, Kevin and Kornflake are together in the same place for the Flopcast! And that place is… a hotel room in New Hampshire! (This is Kornflake’s home state, and that explains A LOT.) To celebrate, we’re learning some weird

Flopcast 573 Alanis Morissette Ironic video

Flopcast 573: You Had an Enya Record?

Flopcast episode 573! It’s another concert report, as we leave the house and creep down to Rhode Island to see Flopcast favorite Joan Osborne! And since Joan’s big hit album (and that song – you know the one) came out way back in 1995, we’re looking at the other albums

Flopcast 572 Micky Dolenz

Flopcast 572: Hey Hey

Flopcast episode 572! We’re just sipping Green Day coffee and yipping through a few miscellaneous subjects. Including: A reunion of Slipnutz (one of the greatest bands ever to specialize in slipping on nuts); Disney animator Ron Clements (we’re looking forward to his version of DC’s goofy robot team the Metal

Flopcast 571 Wonder Woman caught by giant

Flopcast 571: The Super Dictionary – From A to Chicken

Flopcast episode 571! 1978’s The Super Dictionary attempted to teach kids vocabulary using DC Comics superheroes. We don’t know if it succeeded as a learning tool, but it sure succeeded in being super weird. (If you’ve ever seen that silly image of Lex Luthor stealing forty cakes, it comes from this very

Flopcast 570: Have Some Back Hair, Crunch Some Birds

Flopcast episode 570! We haven’t reviewed a weird school book club magazine from the 80s since… oh wait, it was three weeks ago. Thanks for your patience. This time we’re looking at a 1984 issue of Maniac, a short-lived Dynamite-type magazine aimed at a slightly older audience, with an added twist of Mad-style

Flopcast 569 Bewitched statue

Flopcast 569: Maple Fools

Flopcast episode 569! A quick springtime mixed bag of weirdness: April has arrived, and Kornflake is celebrating with a sugary holiday of her own making, Maple Fools Day. Speaking of sugar, National Whatever Day finds us wishing a Happy Birthday to the writer of The Archies’ greatest hit. Our impromptu

Flopcast 568 Rick Springfield Working Class Dog

Flopcast 568: I’ve Been a Dirty Dog

Flopcast episode 568! As suggested/threatened last week, we’re doing a Top 4 ½ List of 1980s dogs. (Kornflake is obsessed with dogs, Kevin is obsessed with the 80s… this had to happen.) Including: Several cartoon dogs, a Muppet dog, a WWF wrestling dog, a rock star dog, a certain beer-chugging

Flopcast 567 Big Bill Blitz

Flopcast 567: I Know Where You Stuff Things

Flopcast episode 567! It’s about time for another Dynamite magazine review, but to mix things up, we’re looking at a different (but eerily similar) magazine called Winner. A single issue of Winner was sold through school book clubs in 1982, and it’s essentially a sports-themed version of Dynamite. Our discussion includes: John McEnroe’s hair; Chris Evert

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