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Ever want to hear knowledgeable people debate geeky topics in an entertaining way?

A lot of people do. The 42cast is a celebration of the diversity of opinions that can be found in so much of the geekisphere. Every week Nathan, the host, picks a topic and assembles a panel of experts to discuss it and have as much fun as they can while they’re doing it. It’s an opportunity for passionate discussions in the geeky community held in a respectful manner. Sometimes there will even be interviews with creators of genre content. Whether you’re a fan of sci-fi, fantasy, movies, TV, games, comics, science, or just find fandoms interesting there’ll be something for you. So check out The 42cast! It’s the Ultimate Answer to Fandom, Geekiness, and Everything.

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Nathan Laws
Time Travel

The 42cast Episode 183: It’s About Time

Time travel is one of the classic expressions of science-fiction. H.G. Wells went there with his time machine and Hollywood has gone to that well many times and told us many stories with that idea as their basis. In this episode we do a deep dive on time travel. We

Cloak and Dagger Season 2

The 42cast Episode 181: Leveling Up

Cloak & Dagger was one of the projects produced by the old Marvel TV group. In the days before Disney+, Marvel TV produced many hits including Agents of SHIELD and the six Marvel Netflix series. Out of all of those projects that received multiple seasons Cloak & Dagger seems to

Gotham Season 5

The 42cast Episode 180: Batman Begins Again

Although DC has had many television series in the last few years, Gotham was one of the strangest and most surprising. Lasting for five-years on the Fox network, the series showcased a Gotham city before Bruce Wayne became Batman. Despite some very unusual takes on some of the mainstays and

DC Studios

The 42cast Episode 179: Gunning the Box Office

The hierarchy of power in the DC Universe has changed again! The comic world was shocked last October when it was announced that James Gunn and Peter Safran would help a new DC Studios division of Warner Bros. In the past few months, Gunn has been forthcoming with quite a

Wakanda Forever

The 42cast Episode 178: Going for the Cat Trick

Black Panther was a tremendously successful film. Showcasing Afro-futurism within the MCU it became a cultural touchstone for people of African descent and those who weren’t, allowing them to bond over their shared delight at this fresh take on a superhero story. In this episode we talk about the sequel

Emma Dumont

The 42cast Episode 177: The Emma Dumont Interview

The 42cast is proud to welcome Emma Dumont to the show this week. Emma talks to us about her many talents including a lifetime in performative media as a musician, model, dancer, and actress. She discusses her interest in the STEM disciplines and why she feels that both engineering and

Superman and Lois Season 2

The 42cast Episode 176: How Bizarre

Superman and Lois was a surprise hit in season 1 and we had overwhelmingly positive things to say about this show. This time we cover season 2. We do a deep dive and discuss the nature of the relationships in the show. We talk about Superman as a geopolitical figure

Book of Boba Fett

The 42cast Episode 175: Raider of the Lost Tuskens

The announcement of The Book of Boba Fett excited a lot of people. Continuing the story of the character from the Mandalorian, the set up implied that the titular character would assume the role of a crime boss, running his operations from the outpost of Tatooine. In actuality the show

Multiversity 101

The 42cast Episode 174: Multiversity 101

It seems like you can’t throw an infinity of rocks without hitting a movie, TV show, or book that uses the concept of the multiverse. In this episode we delve deep into the concept of a multiverse. We discuss the various types of multiverse utilized in fiction and get a

Black Adam

The 42cast Episode 173: The Man in Black

Everything gets a bit dark this week as The 42cast looks into the latest film to come from the DC Universe, Black Adam. We discuss this as Dwayne Johnson’s passion peace that he’s been trying to get made since 2014. We talk about the plot and themes and discuss whether

Picard Season 2

The 42cast Episode 172: Mind Your P’s & Q’s

Picard season 2 continued the adventures of an older Jean-Luc Picard. This time the story added popular characters Q and Guinan and also explored Picard’s past and character. In this episode we discuss the second season of Picard. We take a deep dive into the plot and discuss whether the

The Flash Season 8

The 42cast Episode 171: Negative Reinforcement

Last year we watched the Arrowverse implode. Due to cancellations and a narrative divorce what had been a mega franchise with four different iterations was wittled down to just a single entry – The Flash. I this episode we review the penultimate season of The Flash. We discuss the characters,

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