Hey there defenders of the realm!

We know you are eagerly anticipating our foray into double figures…EPISODE 10 of Transmissions From Atlantis. We are too and it will be coming soon.

However,  we’ve had some very inclement currents ripping across the underwater city that knocked out our power for awhile. I also had a nasty cold the better part of last week. It’s put us a bit behind schedule.

We’ve also begun a special, top secret you tube video project for you guys that we will be debuting with Episode 10. The project has taken a little longer than we expected. It’s so cool, we’re holding episode ten in the can until we can have it ready for a simultaneous release.

So what are we looking at? At the earliest, late this week. More realistically somewhere around Sunday or Monday of next week.

It’ll be worth the wait.

With that said, here’s some other things to look forward to:

  • We’re going to give you some behind-the-scenes pre-editing bloopers of TFA. You guys think Rita and I are the wonderful happy sci-fi lovin’ couple who never fights – wait until you hear some of our donnybrooks on the air!
  • We’re going to ask the question – if you had one episode to introduce a newbie to NuWho (new Doctor Who) – which episode would you choose?
  • We’re going to talk about the Loch Ness Monster and the Roswell Aliens
  • We’re going to go evil with Supernatural and True Blood
  • As part of the ESO Network, we’ll also begin our preview of Dragon*KHAN.
  • Also, will Chris Eccelston return to Doctor Who for the 50th?

All that, our normal crazy segments and of course, the super secret special project’s unveiling.

We’ll be back soon!