SURPRISE!! We are joined by a very special guest mid-week on the podcast! ATTENTION FANS OF THE ROOM, Robyn Paris, who plays Michelle in the film, joins Greg to talk about The Room Actors: Where Are They Now? A Mockumentary series about the fictional futures of seven of the Room’s cast members!! The first four episodes are available on YouTube & Funny or Die, but Robyn needs YOUR help to make the final six episodes of the series! She talks about her role in the film, but we spend most of the conversation talking about TRAWATN. Robyn wrote & directed the multi-award-winning-series, but the Kickstarter for the final six episodes is down to it’s last 48 hours. Please consider contributing to their Kickstarter & help fund this web series!! THANK YOU FOR COMING ON THE SHOW ROBYN; we hope you all enjoy!