Holy Episodes, Batman! JC & Rita finally stopped fooling around and put together episode 8 of Transmissions From Atlantis. In this action packed installment, we review not one, not two but all three of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. Included in that of course is the Dark Knight Rises, the latest blockbuster. Is Bane as good as Heath Ledger’s Joker? We discuss in depth.

We’ll also let you in on the Jesus crab, which university has an Alien Hunter Course and 15 Sci-Fi Predictions that came true.

Sherlock in the modern world is hardly a novel concept but there appears to be a battle brewing as to who does it better – the Americans or the Brits? It’s CBS’ Elementary versus BBC’s Sherlock. Who wins? We’ll tell you.

We’ll talk Game of Thrones, as Elijah Wood (Frodo) got to sit on the Iron Throne and George R.R. Martin talked about which scene he is dreading seeing on the HBO television show.

Rita previews Kaza Kingsley’s Erec Rex fantasy series.

For our Doctor Who segment, we ask the question – How has the Doctor changed in the last 50 years? When will Matt Smith be leaving and what is the Doctor Who Experience?

We’ll wrap it up with our True Blood review!

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2:20 -Open
3:15 -We are now officially members of the Doctor Who Podcasters Alliance
4:40-Batman Massacre
News of the Weird
9:04 -University of Edinborough Offers Free Online Alien Hunter Course
11:31 -Jesus Christ Image Found on Crab
14:51 -15 Sci-Fi Predictions That Came True
Sci-Fi News
30:17 -Elijah Wood (Frodo from LOTR) sits on the Iron Throne of game of thrones
32:15 -Elementary vs. Sherlock
40:07-George R.R. Martin reveals which thrones storyline he’s ‘dreading”
Retro Review
44:34 -Batman Begins
49:29 -The Dark Knight
Sci-Fi News Continued….
54:42 -The Dark Knight Rises Review
Rita’s Reading Review
1:03:42 -Rita Previews Kaza Kingsley’s Erec Rex series
 Doctor Who
1:07:26 – How has the Doctor Changed in the last 50 years?
1:22:30 – Does the Eleventh Hour episode hold a clue to exit of the Ponds?
1:34:41 – When is Matt Smith leaving Doctor Who?
1:37:30 – Did Karen Grope Matt in her last scene on the TARDIS?
1:38:15 – Steven Moffat says Series 7 will have future-soides!
1:40:46 – Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff has Opened!
True Blood Review
1:43:18 – Season 5, Episode 7 – In the Beginning
1:51:13- Closing