It’s a very special TFA Episode this week as we focus on the Harry Potter convention Ascendio 2012. We’ll take you deep inside the con with discussions on Muggle Quidditch, Chris Rankin’s (Percy Weasely) Q&A, the Quill Track and JC’s Wardrobe malfunction. We’ll also interview facebook cosplay legends Perseus and Draco LePage, hosts of Ascendio 2012’s Fashion ball.

We’ll also talk a little Artemis Fowl in Rita’s Reading Review and we’ll give you the scoopage on Doctor Who at San Diego ComiCon.

We’ll wrap it up with our review of True Blood episode 6 – Hopeless.

It’s a big episode but we bring you the very essence of one of the best Harry Potter cons we’ve attended.

The schedule and important links are after the jump!


2:22 Opening

Ascendio 2012
3:43 Our Thoughts on Ascendio 2012
7:12 Untold Tales of Beedle the Bard
10:25 Ascendio 2012 LIVE! featuring
–Muggle Quidditch with Bridget Seigel
–Troubled Girl Films with Hansi Oppenheimer
–Untold Tales of Beedle the Bard with Alicia Gravely
–Alumni House Tournament with Becky Mallet
–Harry Potter fandom with the entire panel
–Ascendio 2012 with the entire panel

1:03:43 Chris Rankin’s After the Saga Q&A

1:55:59 Quill Track at Ascendio 2012

2:03:24 The Fashion Show at Ascendio 2012

2:10:04 Interview with Perseus and Draco at Ascendio 2012

2:15:32 The Manor Ball

2:23:14 Rita’s Reading Review – Artemis Fowl

Doctor Who
2:25:46 What Arthur and Karen will be doing after Who

2:31:35 Episode Spoilers from ComiCon

2:39:20 John Barrowman is nuts!

2:42:12 We love the Ponds but…

True Blood Review
2:48:07 Season 5, Episode 6 Hopeless

2:56:18 Season 5 So Far….

2:57:25 Closing

Important Links

John Barrowman interviews Matt Smith and Karen Gillian on G4

Doctor Who ComicCon 2012 Panel
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Matt Smith, Karen Gillian and Arthur Darvill at Nerd HQ (ComiCon 2012)

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