Hey kiddies, we’re back with an amazing double episode of Transmissions From Atlantis. As our listeners know, we’ve been reviewing each Doctor in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the show in a segment called Legacy Who Redux. We have finally reached perhaps the most influential of the Doctors (definitely among the new series Doctors) in David Tennant. We talk our favorite episodes, our thoughts on David’s run as the Doctor and his returning for the 50th. We also go in depth on the Tenth Doctor and why we feel he is the best.

We’re not just talking Who, though. We also give you our review of the Lone Ranger, tell you about the reboot efforts for the Crow and Terminator, we let you know if Pacific Rim is doomed to bomb, we review Dexter and True Blood and JC gives you a review of friend of the show Doctor Scott Vigue’s Archaeology in Fiction book. All that plus…a SHARKNADO preview! Schedule and Links after the jump!

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Episode 45

1:30 – Opening

3:48 Sci Fi News

 32:08 Horror News

  • True Blood
  • Dexter

44:32 Rita’s Reading Review

51:03 Doctor Who

1:05:00 Legacy Who Redux

  • David Tennant’s 10th Doctor

2:01:30 -Closing with happy 4th God Bless the USA


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