JC and Rita are back and what a show we have for you this week! The Whoniverse was all a flutter with news escaping about Series 7b and the 50th anniversary.  The biggest question – who or what is Clara? The duo speculate on the possibilities.

Plus writer/creator Ian All-Seals, creator of the independent comic Doctor Atlantis joins in a new segment we’re calling “Indy Comics Focus”.

In addition, they talk about General Zod in the Man of Steel – could he be a good guy? It’s also been 10 years since Farscape left the air, they talk about their memories of the show and has Harrison Ford signed on to be Han Solo in the new trilogy?

We also have our Walking Dead review, Xena Warrior Princess and a bunch more so check it out!

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Line up and links after the jump!

Episode 32 links and more!

1:26 – Opening

4:46 Sci-Fi News

19:35 Indy Comics Focus

37:41 RetroReview

  • Xena – Ides of March

45:30 Horror News

  • The Walking Dead Review Episode 14 of season 3 – “Prey”

52:44 Doctor Who News

1:15:21 Closing

  • with Boyce Avenue “Grenade”


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