As the two Presidential Candidates duke it out for the White House, Rita and JC decide to take a geek’s look at debating. The first great debate of 2012 is the ultimate debate in Geekdom – Star Wars vs. Star Trek!

Han Solo or Commander Riker? Darth Vader or the Borg? The Millennium Falcon or the Enterprise? You decide who wins.

Also on this week’s show, we talk Doctor Who. What was behind the Doctor’s Door in the God Complex? What does Matt Smith think of his new companion, we review Doctor Who P.S. and why was John Barrowman hired for Arrow? We also talk The Walking Dead season three premiere (no spoilers), we give you the scoop on SyFy’s new show Defiance and tell you about a new J.R.R. Tolkien book written before Lord of the Rings that will be published for the first time.

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2:00 Opening

Horror News
3:35 – Walking Dead Season Premiere Kills

8:45 – Paranormal Activity exec explains why most Found Footage Movies suck
Sci-Fi News
18:08 – Dr Horrible Fails to Scare Up an Audience

24:05- Starz will have a new historical fantasy based on Leonardo Da Vinci

27:27- Defiance – A hybrid Video Game TV Show?

33:44 – JRR Tolkien’s never-before-published King Arthur Epic is coming soon!

The Great Debate

36:34 –  Star Trek vs. Star Wars

Doctor Who News
1:09:08- Arrow Producer Andrew Kreisberg casts John Barrowman because he’s a life long Whovian

1:13:01- Matt Smith says Smokin’ Jenna will Fire up Doctor Who

1:16:26- What did the Doctor See in his room in The God Complex?

1:21:57 – Doctor Who Angels Take Manhattan – P.S.

1:29:40- Closing

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