We’re on the eve of the greatest fan run Sci-Fi Con in the U.S. (and maybe the world) and TFA is all in! In this episode we give you the low down on the costumes we will be wearing and our entire schedule for Dragon*Con (subject to change).

We’ll also preview Doctor Who at Dragon*Con, Pond’s Life and the Series 7 premiere.

Rita’s Reading Review returns with George R.R. Martin’s A Dance of Dragons – the fifth book of the Song of Fire and Ice Series (Game of Thrones for you uninitiated).

Remember last week how we told you how much we loved Being Human (U.K.)? What a difference a week makes! JC and Rita lose their minds in a rant over series 3 and 4 during our Retro Review. Be warned – if you haven’t seen series 3 or 4 and don’t want to be spoiled – you MUST fast forward past this section. There is major spoilage in this segment.

We also give you our review of True Blood’s season finale – Save Yourself. One word – WOW! There are spoilers here, too. Consider yourself warned.

As always, the schedule and pertinent links are after the jump!

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2:22 – Opening

True Blood Review

5:00 – True Blood Season 5 Finale – Save Yourself

15:37 – Where will TFA be during Dragon*Con? Our 2012 Dragon*Con Preview

Rita’s Reading Review
39:02- A Dance of Dragons (Book 5 of the Song of Fire and Ice series) by George R.R. Martin

Retro Review

50:17 – JC and Rita’s Rant on Being Human U.K. (SPOILERS…HEAVY SPOILERS)

Doctor Who

1:06:15 – Series 7 Episode One definitely during Labor Day Weekend – September 1st

1:08:23 – Sylvester McCoy will be at Dragon*Con along with Kai Owen and John Barrowman of Torchwood

1:09:23 – Live Event for the 50th?

1:15:32 – Pond Life Episode 1

1:17:54 – Closing

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