It’s a frightfully good time on TFA this week as we focus on the horror aspect of the show. We open up with a discussion on the scariest shows on television (past and present). We give you our True Blood Episode 11 and season 5 review while looking forward to the season finale.  In News of the Weird, we tell you about Navajo Rangers who are living real life X-files investigators.

In our Retro Review we give you our take on Series One and Two of the U.K. version of the werewolf, vampire, ghost drama Being Human.

Our Doctor Who segment keeps the theme rolling as we talk about the scariest episodes of Nu Who and we also give you the low down on the premiere of Series 7.

We also get a quick Dragon*Con blip in there as well.

So, grab a loved one, turn down the lights, hide your eyes and prepare for chills as TFA goes spoooooky!

The schedule and links are after the jump!



2:18 – Opening

3:56 – Scariest TV shows of all time

22:20 – Dragon Con report – what we plan on doing, what costumes we will do etc….

True Blood Review
29:35 – Season 5, Episode 11- Sunset

37:06 – Season Finale thoughts

37:42 – Season Review of trublood

News of the Weird

41:41 – Man fights to keep remains of wife in front yard.

47:20 – Weird death row last meal

50:24 – Navajo X-Files?

Retro Review
53:56 – Being Human UK Version Season One and Two

Doctor Who News

1:04:35 – When will Series Seven Premiere?
1:10:33- Scariest Doctor Who episodes.

1:19:20 -Closing




ESO Dragon*KHAN! Report: