You thought you got rid of us didn’t you? No! We’re back for our double figures-sode Episode 10. After a one week hiatus to finish off our TFA Teaches You Who video project, we’re back in our crazy full effect for you, our beloved listeners.

First, in celebration of reaching a milestone that many startup podcasts never reach, we’re going to give you a quick peek behind the curtain and give you some stuff that you’d never hear in the final edited broadcast of the show. We’re also going to give you our thoughts on how it’s gone so far and where we see the show going in the future.

We’re going to give you the scoop on a steamy affair from two of the most well known actors from the legendary sci-fi show X-Files.

Mike Faber has beamed down from the mothership to give us the lowdown on the largest fan run Sci-Fi Con in America – Dragon*Con.

In news of the weird we’re going to have the Roswell aliens times two, the Loch Ness Monster and a billionaire who really wants to build Jurassic Park!

Because we’re so excited that the series 7 premiere is only weeks away, we go Who in our Retro Review with our review of Series 6 (Nu Who) of Doctor Who.

That leads into a monster Doctor Who segment this week where we bring back in Earth Station Who host Mike Faber to join us in a discussion about Series 7, the 50th anniversary (are the Ninth and Tenth Doctors in?) and if you could choose one Nu Who episode to show a newbie to represent the show – which one would you choose?

All that, plus our True Blood review of Episode 10 Gone, Gone Gone.

The schedule and pertinent links are after the jump!

Episode 10 Schedule

2:24 – Opening

2:39 – TFA Teaches You Who (and the Opening, cont’d)

6:10 – Thoughts on Reaching Episode 10

8:30 – Schedule and length for future episodes

10:14 – Bloopers, Vulgar Fights and Other stuff you don’t hear on Tranmissions From Atlantis


18:47 X-Files Love Affair?

21:00 Eccleston to play villain in Thor 2

Transmissions Received

25:30 Dragon*Con with Mike Faber

News of the Weird

55:33 More Roswell News – TWO UFOs at Roswell?

59:04 Billionare Rumored to be building a REAL Jurassic Park

1:02:15 Nessie Finally Caught on Camera?

Retro Review

1:05:31 – Series 6 of Doctor Who (Nu Who)

Doctor Who News

1:38:35 – Mary Tamm’s Husband hours after her eulogy.

1:43:40 –  Apologies for the missed Spoilers warning in the doctor who segment last week.

1:44:08 – If you were to introduce a newbie to Doctor Who (Nu Who only) – Which episode would you choose?

1:51:11 – Chris Eccelston – “I have More to do as the Doctor”

1:53:40 – Matt Smith wants Chris Back

1:54:09 David Tennant all but confirms his Doctor Who 50th Anniversary appearance on G4!

1:57:54 New BBC Two drama to mark 50th anniversary of Doctor Who

2:01:59 – Series 7 BBC Autumn trailer

True Blood Review

2:20:01 – Season 5, Episode 10 -Gone, Gone Gone

2:29:05 -Closing