JC and Rita are back and going on MARVEL movie overload! From Blade to Captain America – The Winter Soldier, the dynamic duo break down the MARVEL Cinematic Universe and all things in between! In our Audio Theater segment, the Atlanta Radio Theater Company gives you Narobi Jack Rackham. In Doctor Who, we tell you what Tom Riley might be playing in the show, we tell you why the TARDIS hates Clara (according to Moffat) and we review the Eighth Doctor audio The Seasons of Fear. All this and more on TFA 73!

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Episode 73 – MARVEL Movie Madness!

0:51 Opening

2:16 Main Topic – Marvel Movie Madness

19:51 Doctor Geek’s Moment in Science

22:43 Audio Theater – ARTC’s Narobi Jack Rackham!

1:02:10 Doctor Who


1:12:19 – Closing featuring Scott Stapp’s The Great Divide

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