JC and Rita are back with a Whovian spectacular for Doctor Who’s golden anniversary. First, they have a panel with Articles of the Shadow Proclamation and Doctor Geek’s Scott Vigue, Earth Station One’s Mike Faber and Bobby Nash, as well as Earth Station Who and Needless Things’ The Phantom Troublemaker. Later, they chat with DragonCon Media Director, Seriously Dan Host and Senior Director of Promotions for RetroRailCon Dan Carroll. The subject – 50 years of Doctor Who. How did we get started watching Doctor Who? What impact does 50 years have…and of course – what’s going to happen in Day of the Doctor? Join us for this amazingly fun podcast!

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Episode 59 Line Up

1:27 Opening
6:49  Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Panel
59:02 – DragonCon’s Dan Carroll
1:23:34 Closing – Featuring Murray Gold’s Madame De Pompadour

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