Hey there folks, a big week here at Transmissions From Atlantis. First we give you the lowdown on yesterday’s big announcement that Star Mage will be published by IDW. We give you a full DragonCon 2013 review including our favorite moments, costumes, panels and tons of other goodies. We also give you highlights from the Adrian Paul (Highlander) panel moderated by friend of the show Doctor Scott Vigue and give you our questions from an exclusive press conference with the Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison of Doctor Who. Plus a boatload of news including True Blood’s demise, Stargate getting a reboot and 50th anniversary/Christmas Special Doctor Who nuggets.

All this and more on Episode 53 of Transmissions From Atlantis!

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Episode 53 – the DragonCon Review and Peter Davison Interview

1:33 – Opening

6:28 DragonCon

  • Our Panels
  • Meeting fans of the show
  • Costumes
  • Best of the Convention – Jason’s Party
  • Adrian Paul and Peter Davison
  • 20:44 – Adrian Paul Panel Highlights

37:30 Sci-Fi News

56:12 Horror News

1:07:36 Doctor Who

1:34:12- Closing featuring Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball

 The Complete Peter Davison Interview


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