We’re a week away from the greatest fan run Con in the southeast – DragonCon! We wrap up our series of DragonCon track director interviews with Whedonverse Track Director Mary Moline. Plus we give you our thoughts on the new reality series Heroes of Cosplay. We also talk about this week’s big news – Ben Affleck will be Batman. We’re also reviewing the season finale for True Blood plus did Moffat just say that Peter Capaldi is the last doctor? Is JK Rowling coming to Doctor Who?

All that, plus much more!

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Episode 51 Schedule and Links

2:32 – Opening

4:36 Sci-Fi News

Our DragonCon Schedule

Exploring Folklore in Stargate
Moderators: Rita De La Torre, Jason De La Torre

Fri 07:00 pm; International FGH; 1 Hour

Lone Ranger : 80 Years of Thrilling Days

Showing the love to the masked man and Tonto, from Moore to Silverheels to Spilsbury to Depp. Debbie Viguié; Joe Crowe. Sat 11:30 am; M303-M304
Brit Fans on the Net: A Podcast Round Table
Mon 10:00 am; « Macon; 1 Hour(s);

31:05 Transmissions Received – Whedonverser director Mary Moline

53:12 Horror

  • The True Blood Season Finale

1:02:51 Doctor Who News

1:13:26 Closing featuring Imagine Dragons’s Radioactive

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