Hey folks, TFA hits the big 5-0 with this week’s episode. This week we give you a special opening to the show – plus we continue our DragonCon 2013 coverage with an interview with the Star Wars Track Director Brandy Roatsey. Plus, Stephanie Meyer apparently hates her creation Twilight, just like the rest of us. In Who News, will Matt actually regenerate in the 50th anniversary episode? We have some evidence to say yes! Plus, more confirmation that John Hurt’s doctor is the 9th doctor/time war doctor.

All that, plus True Blood, Dexter and much more!

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Episode 50 Show Line up

2:32 Opening

  • Favorite Moments doing the show

11:38 News of the Weird

16:51 Sci-Fi News

24:27 Transmissions Received

37:30 Horror News

52:57 Doctor Who News

1:06:20 Closing – Featuring the Jackson’s Can You Feel It?

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