So we finally know who the Twelve incarnation of the Time Lord known as the Doctor will be. Why is Peter Capaldi the perfect choice to play our favorite physician? Rita and JC tell you! Plus could the rumors of the re-discovered lost episodes of Who actually be true? We give you the latest. Also, we have a chat about DragonCon’s newest track – Horror Track with the director Derek Tatum and we also give you our reviews of True Blood and Dexter. And if that’s not enough..SHARKNADO!

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Links and Lineup are after the jump.

Episode 49 Lineup and Links

1:29:32 – Opening

3:27 Sci-Fi News

20:56 Horror News

  • True Blood Review
  • Dexter Review

35:43 – Interview with DragonCon Horror Director Derek Tatum

48:33 Doctor Who

1:12:47 – Closing, featuring music from the Doctor Who Soundtrack, “My Angel Put the Devil In Me”

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