We go Con crazy this week with all the  news from San Diego Comic Con. We let you in on all the important stuff you need to know. We also continue our preparation for DragonCon as we have an interview with DragonCon’s Director of Media Relations Dan Carroll. We give you our review of Pacific Rim plus breakdown all the SDCC news regarding Doctor Who – Does Matt regret leaving? Is Moffat lying about no classic Doctors in 50th? Has the 12th Doctor been picked? And what happened to Amy Pond’s hair?

Plus  – Star Mage is FUNDED! We tell you what’s next.  All this and much more on the Tizzle F’in A.  Click through for the show schedule, links and more!

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Episode 47 Lineup

1:29 – Opening

2:55 Sci-Fi News

  • Star Mage Succeeds!
  • Pacific Rim Review

10:14 Dragon-Con

  • Dan Carroll, Director of Media Relations

41:30 San Diego Comic-Con

57:17 Doctor Who News

1:12:28 – Closing featuring .38 Special’s Caught Up in You

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