Hey there folks, we have a jam packed show for you this week. We have our portion of an exclusive interview that podcasters had with the one and only sixth doctor – Colin Baker! We also have our review on the Timegate 2013 convention (hint: Awesome with a capital A). We’re going to give you our retro review on the end of Fringe.  We give you the latest on StarMage, plus Ken Spivey Band and Cosplay legend Allison Farrell and Dr. Scott Vigue join us for a roundtable discussion on the now completed Series 7 of Doctor Who. All this…plus Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who?

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Episode 41

1:26- Opening

3:22- BREAKING NEWS – Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who!


7:25 Sci-Fi News

31:16 Retro Review

  • Fringe series finale

40:57 Doctor Who

1:49:08 Legacy Who Redux

2:05:27 Closing featuring Sexy Professor by Ken Spivey Band

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