Rita is back for this week’s episode of Transmissions From Atlantis as we focus on the metal, giving you our Iron Man 3 review and focusing on this week’s Doctor Who episode Nightmare in Silver – written by the legendary Neil Gaimain. We also talk Defiance – is it worth it to continue watching? We get Rita’s review of Oblivion and also mark the passing of special effects legend Ray HarryHausen. Plus, Netflix is trying to kill Browncoat dreams.

If that’s not enough, we also give you a preview of season 6 of True Blood, review this week’s episode of Game of Thrones and deliver a retro review of Fringe Season 4.

In addition to the Nightmare in Silver preview, we also ask which Cyberman will be better – Gaiman’s or the Cybus Industry ones established by RTD, we’ll give you the scoop on the Doc’s name in The Name of the Doctor, review the Crimson Horror and give you the latest 50th news.

Finally, we are putting the call out to you, the Doctor Who fan to give us your opinion on Colin Baker’s sixth doctor. You can leave a message at 813-333-9049, or skype at handle JasonDLT or do a youtube video or recording and email the file/link to hosts at transmissionsfromatlantis.com.

Check out the links and schedule after the jump!

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Episode 38 Schedule and Links

1:30 – Opening

3:09 Sci-Fi News

28:44 Horror News

36:27 Retro Review

45:27 Doctor Who News

1:07:42 – Why no Legacy Who Redux…call out for sixth Doctor thoughts!

Leave your thoughts at 813-333-9049 or skype handle JasonDLT or email us your video/audio file/link

1:12:35- Closing with Black Sabbath’s Iron Man