Jason is without his lovely co-host in this week’s Transmissions From Atlantis due to Rita’s nasty cold. But to help him get through the misery of being without his lady love, friends of the show Dr. Scott Vigue (Dr. Geek and Articles of the Shadow Proclamation)  and noted Writer/Swing Dancer/Gamer David Hernandez join in the fun.

This week, we’re reviewing Tom Cruise’s Oblivion and the latest episode of Game of Thrones. We also give you KHANformation on who Benedict Cumberbatch is playing in Star Trek Into Darkness. David gives us an awesome review of Evil Dead (2013) and we talk all things Who including 50th anniversary rumors, possible spinoffs and give you reviews of both Hide and Journey to the Center of the TARDIS. Finally, In Legacy Who, we continue our on going series on the Doctor with a focus on Peter Davison’s Fifth Doctor.

All this, plus much more! Links and the lineup after the jump!

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1:29 Opening

3:51 Sci Fi News (with David Hernandez and Dr. Scott Vigue)

39:42 Horror News (with David Hernandez)

  • Review of Evil Dead

45:30 Doctor Who News (with David Hernandez and Dr. Scott Vigue)

1:37:36 – Legacy Who (with Dr. Scott Vigue)

2:01:17 Closing featuring the Beatles’ Lovely Rita Meter Maid

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