Greetings Atlanteans, it’s time for yet another fun filled episode of Transmissions From Atlantis. In this week’s episode, Rita and JC rejoice at the return of Science Fiction to the channel formerly known for the genre – SyFy by giving you a preview of their new show Defiance and letting you in on what shows they have in development. We also give you the low down on the Jayne Hat Controversy – BROWNCOATS ASSEMBLE!

We give big reviews on GI Joe: Retaliation and Total Recall (2012). In Who, we talk about the other Doctors in the 50th, give you are updated theories on Clara, review Rings of Akhaten, preview Cold War and give you the scoop on the Ice Warriors. In Legacy Who Redux, we profile the Third Doctor, Jon Perwee.

All that and much more on Transmissions From Atlantis!

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Schedule and Links after the jump…

Episode 35 Schedule

1:27 – Opening

4:05 Sci-Fi News

35:36 Horror

39:05 Retro Review

  • Total Recall 2012

45:50 Doctor Who


1:18:19 Legacy Who Redux
The Third Doctor – Jon Pertwee

1:33:28 Closing – Featuring Katrina and the Waves’ Walking on Sunshine

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