JC and Rita sign off for the final time on Transmissions From Atlantis. It’s been a long ride and this epic final podcast takes you back over 147 episodes and gives you some of the best moments as well as some epic interviews with Star Trek’s Garrett Wang, MST3k’s Joel Hodgson, and best selling author Hugh Howey. In addition, we preview the future of the Transmissions From Atlantis Entertainment Network.

It’s a long one, but you’re not going to want to miss a moment!

Transmissions From Atlantis 148 – It’s The End But The Moment Has Been Prepared For

  • Opening
  • A Look Back At 147 of Transmissions From Atlantis
  • Flashback: JC and Rita on the Ponds Leaving Doctor Who
  • Flashback: The Great Debate Star Wars vs. Star Trek
  • Flashback: Garrett Wang
  • Flashback: Joel Hodgson
  • Flashback: Hugh Howey
  • Flashback: Doctor Who
  • The Future

New Site: http://gallifrey.transmissionsfromatlantis.com