JC and Rita are back with a jam-packed episode of Transmissions From Atlantis. This week we talk Netflix’s Original Series Altered Carbon. Plus all of the Super Bowl movie trailers including Avengers Infinity War, Solo and Deadpool 2. Plus Doctor Who, the Black Panther Rotten Tomatoes controversy, The Winchester Film, Wayward Sisters, the Cloverfield Paradox and more!

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Transmissions From Atlantis 140 – Altered Carbon (and a bunch more)


  • Opening
  • Rapid Fire
    • Sony’s Television and Film assets might be for sale
    • Avengers: Infinity¬†War Trailer
    • Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer
    • Game of Thrones creators making a new Star Wars trilogy
    • Supernatural’s Wayward Sisters backdoor pilot
    • The horror flick Winchester
    • The Cloverfield Paradox
    • Deadpool 2 Trailer
    • Black Panther’s Rotten Tomatoes controversy
    • Elon Musk Sends a Tesla Into Space
  • Main Topic: Altered Carbon
  • Doctor Who
    • Is Doctor Who moving to Sunday?
    • Georgia Tennant annoyed Jenny was never brought back.
  • Closing