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JC and Rita bring you their Dragon Con Preview extravaganza with a 2 hour podcasts filled with interviews from DragonCon Media, Track Directors and Guests!

Also, in our rapid fire segment we give you our thoughts on Stranger Things, Suicide Squad, Star Trek Beyond and more!

  • Opening
  • Rapid Fire
    • Stranger Things
    • Pokemon Go
    • Star Trek Beyond
    • Suicide Squad
    • Frozen Attraction at Epcot
    • Adam West, Burt Ward and Julie Nemar to do a new Batman animated movie
    • The Walking Dead – Was Daryl Lucilled?
  • Dragon Con Preview Interviews
    • Dan Carroll, Director of Media Relations for Dragon Con
    • Joe Crowe, Track Director for Dragon Con American Sci-Fi Classics Track
    • Mike Faber, Owner of the Earth Station One Network
    • Debbie Viguie, Dragon Con guest and NY Times Best Selling Author of Wicked (with Nancy Holder)
    • Jennifer Breland, Director of Dragon Con Charities
  • Doctor Who
    • Dragon Con Brit Track
    • Was Jenna Coleman a good companion after all?
    • Peter Capaldi is staying following Series 10
  • Closing – Featuring “Last DragonCon”