JC and Rita are back with their latest Transmissions From Atlantis! This time, we’re talking Netflix’s new original series Voltron – Legendary Defender! Is it a worthy reboot of the classic anime series? We also have exclusive interviews with the voice of the Daleks Nicolas Briggs as well as the eighth Doctor Paul McGann and we have other Doctor Who news to talk about. Finally, we have another rapid fire segment where we tackle Game of Thrones, X-men, Finding Dory, Star Trek killing fan films and more.

Join us for another thrilling transmission!

  • Opening
  • Rapid Fire
    • BET Prince Tribute
    • X-Men Apocalypse
    • Finding Dory
    • Independence Day Resurgence
    • Game of Thrones – Battle of the Bastards
    • Game of Thrones – The Winds of Winter
    • Star Trek kills Fan Films
    • Timegate 2016
  • Voltron Legendary Defender
  • Doctor Who
  • Closing