Transmissions From Atlantis Ep 120
A special live event – Transmissions From Atlantis was live on youtube for the very first time. In this episode, we’ll be talking the new X-Men film, Logan, along with Doctor Who – Is Kris Marshall the Next Doctor? That, plus the Walking Dead, Sleep Hollow, an interview with Seekers of the Lost Worlds Star Shanel Sparr and much more!


Transmissions From Atlantis 120

  • Opening
  • Seekers of the Lost Worlds
    • Interview with Shanel Sparr
    • Follow the campaign – its Free!
  • Rapid Fire
    • The Walking Dead
    • Sleepy Hollow
    • Voltron Renewed
    • Taboo (renewed too)
    • Pirates 5 Trailer
    • Beauty and the Beast Le Fou Controversy
  • Logan
    • Movie Review
    • Deadpool 2 trailer
  • Doctor Who
    • Class Dismissed
    • Kris Marshall the next Doctor?
    • The Mondas Cybermen return

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