Thunder Talk Issue 36 – A History of…

Woke Nerd Junk

We reminisce about the good ‘ol days, when movies were rented from video stores, inbreeding was considered a noble tradition, and Russia was always the bad guy. Beth and Kawika weave us through some film and TV talk while Mark and Wheatley take a deeper dive into some premature comic book adds. Dan has some tips on how to score a cheap Christmas tree and Adam delivers the latest nerd news with WTLK – The Thunder! Plus a whole lot more wrapped into a format that’s perfect for anyone suffering from undiagnosed attention deficit disorder.

00:01:13 The Mayor of San Jacinto

00:18:39 A History of Comic Book Adds

00:26:19 Boogie Nights

00:32:48 Trees on the Cheap

00:36:14 Vitamin C

00:41:42 Wilt Chamberlain & The Ghost Chasers

00:43:46 A History of Cut Toys

00:48:47 WTLK – The Thunder

00:59:30 Like a Likeness Thing *WHATS ON OUR TUBE

01:08:29 A History X-Ray Specs

01:14:39 The Great Kazoo

01:19:05 Post Credit Thunder – DOUBLE TLK





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