Welcome Thunder Faithful to Issue 22! As you’ve noticed we’ve gone back to our bi-monthly format but we promise to keep loving you each and every week. The gang tackles today’s current topics such as – should stupidity be a crime, finding lemonade in the lemons, teleporters vs. toilet paper, and a whole lot more!

O.G. Thunder Fam Missy “Scellon” Waters pops in to check on us and drops some knowledge about “The System”. Beth and Kawika discuss Joker in What’s On Our Tube with a review just as brutal as the film itself. Sexy Thor takes a break from his hit new podcast, Ring of Thunder, to report the facts and dispel the myths regarding theatrical postponements, Star Wars, and the health of the comic book industry, with another WTLK! Finally, Mark has a question for Dan’s Bad Advice Column but instead receives… good advice? Man, these really are strange times.

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00:00:22 Opening
00:01:25 Social Thundering
00:06:05 Ice Cream Trucks & Drive-Thru Booze
00:11:22 WTLK – The Thunder
00:16:43 When Is Stupidity a Crime?
00:21:43 “The System” w/Missy “Scellon” Waters
00:30:33 Lemonade from Lemons
00:35:47 What’s On Our Tube “Joker”
00:45:55 Drones, Attack!
00:53:04 Dan’s Bad Advice Column
01:00:49 Teleporters vs. Toilet Paper / Outro

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