THUNDER TALK – Episode XV: Return of the Unfocused

In Issue Fifteen of Thunder Talk our intention was to breakdown Triple Force Friday, but instead Dan has a Star Wars addiction breakthrough. Just give the kid a Black Luke! Kawika fights mosquitos, then she fights the itch. We have a conventional conversation about PAX South and Retro-Toy Con while getting “emo” over Kylo Ren.

The Howlin’ Roosters Strike Back with their second hit single “This Dive Bar”. In a new segment, Beth fan-girls out and levels up over the game “Katamari Damacy Reroll” while Sexy Thor brings the boom with this weeks W.T.L.K. – THE THUNDER! All that and so much more!

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00:00:21 HIJACKED!!
00:02:38 Sassy Piano Men vs. Pervy X-Men
00:13:21 Triple Force Forensics
00:17:05 First she fought some Skeeters, Then she fought The Itch
00:23:51 Black Luke
00:27:23 Retro-Toy Con and PAX West
00:31:04 The Howlin’ Roosters “This Dive Bar”
00:39:43 A Fault in our Star Wars
00:47:01 We (heart) Kylo Ren!!
00:49:50 Grant me the Serenity to Accept…
00:54:28 What Games are you Playing?
01:02:45 Outro
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