Myself and Chris DePetrillo hop in the time machine to take a look at video rental stores of the 90s. That’s right kids we used to have to drive all the way to the video rental store we couldnt just produce numerous movies on streaming services like we do now. From Chris’s epic Garbage Pail Kids Movie story to Richard’s Drop Dead Fred hunt around town tale. It’s a great look back at a fantasic time period in movie history.

Nerdy Laser is the coolest podcast in Bayside! Your host Richard Ewell takes you on a trip through the nerdy rabbit hole that is pop culture. One of the focuses is the ninties which is close to Richard’s nerddom but nothing is off limits. He has a variety of guests that come on to share their knowledge & love for any subject from 90’s soundtracks to Jurassic Park. Give us a listen & remember, keep it nerdy.

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