It was once prophesied among music nerds  that one day a savior would rise up to cut through the confusing morass of video game music and shine a light on what made it good, engaging, and creative.  Is 8-Bit Music Theory that savior?  Who knows… music nerds can’t agree on anything.  Neither can VGM afficionados for that matter.  Whatever the case we’ve got him on to talk about his channel, his origins, and video game music in general.

Guest: 8-Bit Music Theory

Panel: Tom Herman, Jarod Cerf, David Herman

8-Bit Music Theory’s latest video:

Brink of Time:

And the great debate…

Chrono Trigger, To Far Away Times:

Chrono Cross, Dream of a Shore Near Another World:

If you have thought on which Chrono track is better, be sure to let us know at

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