TFA Episode 5: Alex Kingston and the Naked Captain Jack Harkness!

We ring in the Fourth of July with a Gallifreyan extravaganza – Transmissions From Atlantis style! First, we give you the lowdown on our meet up and photo op with the one and only Alex Kingston (River Song from Doctor Who). We also give you a little bit of the Q&A with Alex from Hurricane Who Summer Nights. We talk Mickey in the 50th and a sonic screwdriver remote! In addition, we give you a peek into the Whovian Pub singer Ken Spivey’s video shoot and give you a quick interview with Doctor Scott Vigue of Articles of the Shadow Proclamation. If that’s not a Who hoot, we also give you the 411 on Asylum of the Daleks, we discuss whether Matt Smith should be the Doctor “forever”, we talk about the Doctor’s regenerations and last but not least – naked Captain Jack Harkness!

Of course, for you non-whovians, we serve up a little a-spicy meatball for you! First we break down the creepiest film scores in Sci-Fi and Horror. We talk the new Riddick movie, JJ Abrams’ Star Trek 3, the new Wicked book and Barrack Obama vs. Mitt Romney vs. the Alien Overlords’ impending invasion.

We also receive the transmission of the author of the apocalyptic thriller Second World, Jeremy Robinson.

Rockets red glare on this week’s episode of TFA!

The schedule and important links are after the jump!

2:28 Opening

5:53 BBC new sci-fi show Orphan Black

10:31 Robert Picardo wants in on JJ Abrams Star Trek 3

14:30 The Creepiest Sci-Fi or Horror film scores ever

48:39 Vin Disel on the third Riddick film

News of the Weird
52:17 Zombie Apocalypse III – Man Eats Dog

53:53 Obama vs. Romney vs. Alien Invasion

58:35 Scientists will Stop time on June 30th

Rita’s Reading Review
1:00:19 Doctor Who Dark Horizons

1:02:20 Wicked Series – Out of Oz

1:04:25Transmissions Received from Jeremy Robinson, author of Second World

Doctor Who
1:18:17 Things we learned at Hurricane Who Summer Nights

1:20:07 Our experience with Alex Kingston (River Song in Doctor Who)

1:21:49 Some of the Alex Kingston Q&A from Hurricane Who Summer Nights

1:46:59 Sonic Screwdriver Remote Control

1:48:24 Noel Clark wants to be in the 50th Annivesary but is not chasing the role.

1:51:23 Captain Jack (John Barrowman) loves to be Naked

1:52:40 Should Matt Smith be the Doctor “forever” and how many regenerations does the Doctor have?

1:58:09 Asylum of the Daleks will be the opening story of Series 7.

1:59:12 The Ken Spivey Video Shoot

2:01:26 Quick Interview with Dr. Scott Vigue of Articles of the Shadow Proclamation

2:03:32 Closing

Important Links

Hurricane Who

Articles of the Shadow Proclamation

Second World on Amazon

Jerry Robinson’s website

Darien Connors

Creepiest Sci-Fi/Horror Movie Scores Ever

Home Site




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