We always love a good conspiracy theory here  at TFA and this week we talk about a big one that is heating up the interwebs – could trusted companion, centurion, and Mr. Pond Rory Williams possibly be The Master and not know it (look up watch, fob)? We explore the question. Rita takes you in the deep, dark and brilliant world of HP Lovecraft in her Rita’s Reading Review. We give our top picks for Sci-Fi/Fantasy and Horror movies coming out this fall. Plus we give you the scoop on the Walking Dead, Amanda Tapping joining Supernatural and the future of Avatar 2, Indy 5 and a Mummy remake?

We wrap it up with our totally wicked Doctor Who segment where we talk about Matt  Smith setting the interwebs ablaze with his desire to have Hobbitt helmer Peter Jackson direct a Doctor Who episode (and Jackson admitting he is a Whovian) and we review both A Town Called Mercy and The Power of Three.

All that and more!

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2:01 Opening

Sci-Fi News

5:15 James Cameron wants a chinese avatar


7:50 Something big is happing with Spider-Man


11:07 Indy 5 may not be Dead


Rita’s three sci-fi movies of the Fall season
16:35 Dredd

20:21 Solomon Kane

21:50 The Hobbitt
Horror News
24:49 The Mummy is being remade…again


28:29 Amanda Tapping joins Supernatural cast


30:21 Walking Dead Cast says get ready for “shocking deaths”


Jason’s three horror movies of the fall

32:58 Resident Evil 5-Retribution/Resident Evil:Damnation

37:22 Silent Hill

39:13 sinister

Rita’s Reading Review
HP Lovecraft’s
41:49 The Beast in the Cave
45:39 The Alchemist
48:41 The Tomb
52:59 Dagon

Doctor Who
58:35 Could Hobbit Director Peter Jackson direct Doctor Who?


1:02:45 Is Rory the Master?

1:08:22 A Town Called Mercy review

1:12:13 The Power of Three review

1:18:25 Closing

Download: http://transmissionsfromatlantis.com/episodes/TransmissionsFromAtlantisEpisode15.mp3

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