TFA Episode 13 – Part Two – The One Where JC and Rita Fight Through Con Crud to Continue Reviewing Dragon Con

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Whenever you attend a major con with a number of people, there’s a significant chance you may develop a cold. After all, being in contact with so many other sniffling, wheezing and coughing sickos can leave you with a lasting effect. This is called Con Crud and both hosts of Transmissions From Atlantis have been infected. It’s okay though, we’re not turning into Zombies or going off the deep end. We’re troopers and we fight through said Crud to bring you Part Two of Episode 13 – our Dragon*Con review.

In this episode, we give you scoop on the host hotels, we go into detail about the Dragon*Con Parade and we share with you our experience meeting Sylvester McCoy, the 7th Doctor (and one of the stars of the new Lord of the Rings flick – the Hobbit). We’ll also tell you which Doctor Who panel was the best of Dragon*Con and take you inside one of the panels with John Barrowman and Kai Owen, stars of Torchwood.

Check it out!

The Schedule follows after the Jump!

Download: Part Two


1:55 Opening

2:59 The Host Hotels of Dragon*Con

11:29 The Dragon*Con Parade

Doctor Who Segment

13:52 Meeting the 7th Doctor – Sylvester McCoy

18:30 Our Favorite Panels on Doctor Who at Dragon*Con

19:46 Live From Dragon*Con – The Torchwood Panel with John Barrowman and Kai Owen

48:45 Favorite Panels, Continued.

50:20 Closing

Download: Part Two

Episode 13, Part One:

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