JC and Rita wrap up their Dragon*Con coverage with Part Three of Episode 13. In this episode, they talk about their favorite costumes and their own cosplay plans for future cons. They let you in on what it was like to meet Jonathan Frakes of Star Trek the Next Generation and Joe Manganiello (Alcide) of True Blood. They give you the low down on the worst of Dragon*Con, how they watched the series premiere of Doctor Who Series 7 Asylum of the Daleks while at the Con and the scoop on Brit Track (plus some wedding advice for Brit Track Director Caro). They wrap up the Episode by telling you if they’ll be back in 2013.

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Part One http://transmissionsfromatlantis.com/episodes/TransmissionsFromAtlantis-Episode13Pt1.mp3

Part Two http://transmissionsfromatlantis.com/episodes/TransmissionsFromAtlantis-Episode13Pt2.mp3


1:58 Opening

3:22 Favorite Costumes of Dragon*Con and what will Rita and JC be wearing in future cons?

19:49 Meeting Jonathan Frakes – Commander Riker of Star Trek

25:35 Meeting Joe Manganiello – Alcide from True Blood

31:51 Brit Track – Our Review

33:12 Suggestions for Caro, Director of Brit Track, for her wedding

35:30 The Worst of Dragon*Con

Doctor Who Segment

41:20 Our adventure trying to see Asylum of the Daleks at Dragon*Con (No Spoilers)

47:48 Will We Be Back for Dragon*Con 2013?

51:39 Closing

Download Part 3: http://transmissionsfromatlantis.com/episodes/TransmissionsFromAtlantisEpisode13Pt3.mp3

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