The crew from Transmissions From Atlantis is back, fresh off their trip to Atlanta for Dragon*Con 2012. In the first of a three part Episode 13, JC and Rita discuss what it was like to experience Dragon*Con, the differences between Dragon*Con during the day and at night as well as what the heck happened to our schedule. For our Doctor Who segment, we fill you in on our experience meeting Torchwood and Who superstar John Barrowman and we share with our very first in the real world celebrity moment with Mr. Barrowman.

Dragon*Con Part One is delivered in bite sized quantities – just over one hour of TFA goodness! Check us out!

As always, the schedule follows the Jump!



1:54 Opening

3:21 Dragon*Con – the Event

9:27 Dragon*Con at Night

25:35 What the heck happened to our schedule?

52:48 Meeting John Barrowman

1:02:43 Closing

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