We’re back again with another fun-filled episode of Transmissions From Atlantis. This week, we talk to DragonCon Stargate Multiverse Director Jennifer Breland and Assistant Director Jamie Poff. We also talk about the BBC’s pending announcement on the 12th Doctor, who might be that person announced and we both take our shot at an audition for Doctor Who (you don’t want to miss that one). Also on tap is our catch up on Dexter and True Blood, Arnold Schwartzenneger returning to Conan, the return of Rosemary’s Baby plus Moffat lies!

All this plus much more on the T-F-A extravaganza! Parental Guidance/NSFW is suggested for the True Blood segment due to some graphic descriptions and language.

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TFA 48

1:32 Opening

3:46 Sci-Fi

10:38 Horror

33:50 Transmissions Received

1:07:26 Doctor Who

1:17:08 – JC and Rita audition for the 12th Doctor!

1:21:52 Closing

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