On this episode, I start my foray into my new Falling-in-Love-with-Doctor-Who-Again series — called ‘Spark Joy’, because I’m a dork – with a squeeful review of my favorite new series story, “Amy’s Choice”.

Now, to be honest, I didn’t really have a clue how truly controversial this episode was until I heard the new-ish Verity! Podcast episode chatting about it very recently. And unfortunately, I’d already recorded my own episode at that point when I did hear theirs (I was taking a break from editing it to check it out, in fact), so I couldn’t/didn’t really talk about or address their particular impressions here in mine – though I did make a comment or two on their blog post for the episode.

But anyway, because of that, obviously this episode is just my own personal feelings on the story, untainted by Other Fandom Feels and as different as they apparently might be for other people! And also in the spirit of my joy about the diversity of opinion in our fandom, I’ll definitely plonk a link to the Verity! episode below in my show notes, if you’re interested in hearing some contrasting opinions on things. #yayfandomdiversity

Anyway, aside from my massive squee about ‘Amy’s Choice’, also included in this episode is some squee about conventions (both my recent visit to Wholanta 2019, as well as some exciting guests planned for DragonCon 2019), some squee about other podcasts (as I’m often wont to do), and some squee about listener feedback. And so yeah, this is overall a pretty squeeful episode!

So, hold onto your hats, everyone, and enjoy the ride! I’m so glad to have you all aboard this Love Train! #choochoo

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Episode 31 – The Spark Joy Series: Sleep Is for Tortoises: Amy’s Choice [And Wholanta 2019]

Table of Contents:
0:00:00 – Opening and Welcome
0:04:41 – Happy Fandom Time: General Squee
0:16:39 – Happy Fandom Time: WHOlanta 2019
0:31:01 – Discussion of ‘Amy’s Choice’
1:07:54 – Goodbye, Thanks, and Outro!



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Opening audio clips from the Fifth Doctor serial ‘Terminus’ and the Tenth Doctor serial ‘The Shakespeare Code’, copyright BBC. The female robot voice was from ‘2nd Speech Center’ text-to-voice software. ‘Doctor Who’ theme was by ViolinistBAKA, link provided above.