Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you: I’m finally back! And in tow I’ve got some Seventh Doctor fangirling, some squee about guesting on other lovely podcasts, some fannish love for things like Georgia Tennant and Doctor Who calendars, and, most importantly, a very belated review of ‘Oxygen’, replete with chat about Punk Rock Doctor Who taking down the government, capitalism, privilege (and the lack thereof), and even the science of panic attacks.

So, yeah, I hope you will all please join me for this episode and, as always, glad to have you all aboard. Do enjoy the ride!

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Episode 28 – Be Loud, F*ck Capitalism: Oxygen

Table of Contents:

0:00:00 – Opening and Welcome
0:06:12 – Happy Fandom Time
0:22:45 – Discussion of “Oxygen”
1:13:13 – Coming Soon on the Next Episode! (Plus Goodbye, Thanks, and Outro!)


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Opening audio clips from the Fifth Doctor serial ‘Terminus’ and the Tenth Doctor serial ‘The Shakespeare Code’, copyright BBC. The female robot voice was from ‘2nd Speech Center’ text-to-voice software. ‘Doctor Who’ theme was by ViolinistBAKA, link provided above.