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Timestamp #129: The King’s Demons

Doctor Who: The King’s Demons (2 episodes, s20e21-e22, 1983)   It’s half a nod to the black and white era with a pseudo-historical story. In medieval Europe, King John of England feels that his reception at Lord Ranulf Fitzwilliam’s castle is insufficient, leading to the challenge of a duel between

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Timestamp #128: Enlightenment

Doctor Who: Enlightenment The Black Guardian Trilogy, Part III (4 episodes, s20e17-e20, 1983)   Mawdryn high and Terminus low, finish strong by Enlightenment‘s glow? In true K9 style, Turlough is playing chess with Tegan while she helps the Doctor diagnose the TARDIS. For whatever reason, the time capsule is losing

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Timestamp #127: Terminus

Doctor Who: Terminus The Black Guardian Trilogy, Part II (4 episodes, s20e13-e16, 1983)   The trilogy gets stuck in the mud. Picking up right where we left off, Turlough is wandering the corridors of the TARDIS, sabotaging the time capsule at the Black Guardian’s guidance. A skeptical Tegan stumbles across him

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Timestamp #126: Mawdryn Undead

Doctor Who: Mawdryn Undead The Black Guardian Trilogy, Part I (4 episodes, s20e09-e12, 1983)   The Key to Time comes home to roost. A schoolboy named Turlough steals (and totals) the Brigadier’s car, offering quite the introduction to a new companion. He has an out of body experience after the

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Timestamp #125: Snakedance

Doctor Who: Snakedance (4 episodes, s20e05-e08, 1983)   Someone felt a need to revisit Kinda? The adventure opens with a mysterious man and his necklace as they sit on a barren planet. Creepy and kooky, but not particularly ooky. On board the TARDIS, Nysssa tries on a new outfit while the

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Timestamp #124: Arc of Infinity

Doctor Who: Arc of Infinity (4 episodes, s20e01-e04, 1983)   A Time Lord is fooling around with the bio-data extracts of the Doctor and communicating with a mysterious holographic figure, an act that only a High Councilmember can perform. When he is discovered, he kills the security guard and disables

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Timestamp: Nineteenth Series Summary

Doctor Who: Nineteenth Series Summary   From second best to last place in the span of seven stories. The Eighteenth Series was remarkable in how it essentially redeemed the Fourth Doctor’s run, coming in tied for silver and even besting that era’s premiere season. The Nineteenth Series saw that high bar,

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Timestamp #123: Time-Flight

Doctor Who: Time-Flight (4 episodes, s19e23-e26, 1982)   This is what happens when supersonic goes supertemporal. A Concorde is completing a trans-Atlantic flight to London when it disappears without a trace. On the TARDIS, the travelers have wrapped up the loose ends from Earthshock but not the grief from Adric’s sacrifice.

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Timestamp #122: Earthshock

Doctor Who: Earthshock (4 episodes, s19e19-e22, 1982)   It wasn’t seeing him blown to bits. It was the silence at the end. On Earth, a squad of soldiers led by Lieutenant Scott climb a hillside in a search for a missing science team. Professor Kyle, the lone survivor, accompanies them. The

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Timestamp Special #4: The Thirteenth Doctor

The Thirteenth Doctor Announced: July 16, 2017   Jodie Whittaker is the Thirteenth Doctor. Take a moment, consider it, and scream as you see fit. I know I did. It should be no surprise that I support this move. If it is, then you really haven’t been reading the Timestamps

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Timestamp #121: Black Orchid

Doctor Who: Black Orchid (4 episodes, s19e17-e18, 1982)   It’s more like Doctor Who and the Case of the Missing Drama. The TARDIS materializes in 1925 at the Cranleigh Halt rail station through a really well-done effects sequence. Tegan is finally onboard with traveling with the Doctor, and the two

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Timestamp #120: The Visitation

Doctor Who: The Visitation (4 episodes, s19e13-e16, 1982)   The franchise takes a step up with a couple of reset buttons. Some 300 years before Tegan’s final destination, the adventure opens on a scene dressed straight out of The Three Musketeers. A light show like a hundred shooting stars decorates

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