The Sarah Jane Adventures


Timestamp #SJA6: The Lost Boy+

Sarah Jane Adventures: The Lost Boy (2 episodes, s01e06, 2007)   Mr. Smith, the planet needs you. After Alan Jackson...

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Timestamp #SJA5: Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?+

Sarah Jane Adventures: Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane? (2 episodes, s01e05, 2007)   What would the world have been without...

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Timestamp #SJA4: Warriors of Kudlak+

Sarah Jane Adventures: Warriors of Kudlak (2 episodes, s01e04, 2007)   Be all you can be in the Uvodni army....

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Timestamp #SJA3: Eye of the Gorgon+

Sarah Jane Adventures: Eye of the Gorgon (2 episodes, s01e03, 2007)   That moment when Alan Jackson gets stoned. At...

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Timestamp #SJA1: Invasion of the Bane+

Sarah Jane Adventures: Invasion of the Bane (1 episode, New Year Special, 2007)   The triumphant return of Sarah Jane...

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The Sarah Jane Adventures To Continue+

The Sun is reporting the BBC is to continue showing The Sarah Jane Adventures, and complete the series, despite Elisabeth...

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