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Timestamp #185: The Shakespeare Code

Doctor Who: The Shakespeare Code (1 episode, s03e02, 2007)   Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble. A woman named Lillith smiles as she is serenaded by a bard. She offers him a trip upstairs for his efforts where she reveals herself as a witch-like creature. She

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Timestamp #184: Smith and Jones

Doctor Who: Smith and Jones (1 episode, s03e01, 2007)   It’s a coincidence, but what a fitting story to chronicle just after Apollo 11’s fiftieth anniversary. Martha Jones is on her way to work when her mobile rings several times, each caller talking to her about her brother’s twenty-first birthday.

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Timestamp #183: The Runaway Bride

Doctor Who: The Runaway Bride (1 episode, Christmas Special, 2006)   It’s the balance between character chemistry and chewed scenery. Starting with that RTD Earth-zoom shot – you know the one – we meet bride-to-be Donna Noble as she’s walked down the aisle on Christmas Eve. As she approaches her

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Timestamp: Series Two Summary

Doctor Who: Series Two Summary   The revival and the franchise continue to burn bright. The Tenth Doctor’s freshman outing was entertaining and, with minor stumbles, about on par with its predecessor. David Tennant has really taken the role and run with it, bringing enthusiasm and energy that buoys up

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Timestamp #182: Army of Ghosts & Doomsday

Doctor Who: Army of Ghosts Doctor Who: Doomsday (2 episodes, s02e12-13, 2006)   This is how Rose Tyler’s journey with the Doctor ended. This is how she died. The TARDIS materializes on a playground near the Powell Estate as Rose makes a brief stop to visit her mother. Jackie has

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Timestamp #181: Fear Her

Doctor Who: Fear Her (1 episode, s02e11, 2006)   Fighting the monster of abuse. It’s a bright and beautiful day as London prepares for the 2012 Olympic Games. The mood turns mysterious and somewhat ominous as Maeve Griffiths, an elderly woman, tells Dale and Tom Hicks to get inside. The boys

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Timestamp #180: Love & Monsters

Doctor Who: Love & Monsters (1 episode, s02e10, 2006)   This is the peculiar story of Elton Pope. He starts his tale by racing across a rocky field to find the TARDIS. He follows the excited voices of the Doctor and Rose, comes face to face with a Hoix, and

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Timestamp #179: The Impossible Planet & The Satan Pit

Doctor Who: The Impossible Planet Doctor Who: The Satan Pit (2 episodes, s02e08-09, 2006)   “I shall become the manifest.” Er, I mean, ah… welcome back! The TARDIS reluctantly materializes in a tight room, and while the Doctor is concerned about the capsule, he and Rose laugh at the idea

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Timestamp #178: The Idiot’s Lantern

Doctor Who: The Idiot’s Lantern (1 episodes, s02e07, 2006)   Grandma was right after all. An electrical storm rages over Magpie Electricals as the owner, Mr. Magpie, despairs over his financials. An arc of red lightning strikes the roof, turning on the television and addressing Magpie before sucking him into the

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Timestamp #177: Rise of the Cybermen & The Age of Steel

Doctor Who: Rise of the Cybermen Doctor Who: The Age of Steel (2 episodes, s02e05-06, 2006)   A classic enemy finally returns, but in a slightly different way. Opening in a laboratory shrouded in darkness, a wheelchair-bound man named John Lumic gazes upon a new creation with pride. The scientist

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Timestamp #176: The Girl in the Fireplace

Doctor Who: The Girl in the Fireplace (1 episode, s02e04, 2006)   “Godspeed, my lonely angel.” Under a starry night sky, the occupants of an ornate estate run from clockwork monsters as a woman laments a broken clock and calls to the Doctor through the fireplace. Three millennia later, the

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Timestamp #175: School Reunion

Doctor Who: School Reunion (1 episode, s02e03, 2006)   The curse of the Time Lord is always having to say goodbye. While walking the halls of Deffry Vale High School, Headmaster Finch notices a student waiting outside his office. She has a headache, but she can’t go home since she

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