Earth Station Who Ep 293

Earth Station Who – Romance In The TARDIS

Recorded via Facebook Live! Who are some of our favorite couples who have traveled in the little blue box of love? Mike, Mike, Mary, Melanie Dean, and Angela Pritchett discuss the highs and lows of relationships across time and space. We want to hear from you! Please write to us

The Watch-A-Thon of Rassilon Episode 61: The Curse of Peladon

The Watch-A-Thon of Rassilon Episode 61: The Curse of Peladon (Ice Warriors Frown on Ice Clown)

Toni and Joe are joined by Peladon expert Ashley Raburn to discuss Space Politics! in the Aggedorable Classic Doctor Who serial The Curse of Peladon. This episode is brought to you by Friend of Rassilon @bisexualbrigadier. If you’re interested in being a Friend of Rassilon, click here. Download • YouTube •  Subscribe on Feedburner • Subscribe on iTunes • Patreon

Earth Station Who Episode 89 – The Doctors Outside of Who

While the ESW crew anxiously awaits Christmas Day, Mike, Mike, Jen, and Shiksa celebrate the fine actors that have portrayed The Doctor throughout the 51 years of the franchise by naming some of our favorite roles outside of Who. From William Hartnell in The Mouse That Roared to Peter Capaldi

Next On Earth Station One… Our Future According to Sci-Fi

Next on Earth Station One… Next week, the ESO crew looks to the future as we peel back the various predictions of life in the Future According to Sci-Fi. Science Fiction books, movies, and TV shows have given us many glimpses of what life might be like in the future.

Earth Station Who Episode 53 – Terror of The Zygons

Whoa Nessie! The ESW crew review the long-awaited DVD release of the classic Fourth Doctor adventure. Mike, Mike, Jen, and the Phantom Troublemaker avoid head shots, low budget stop motion effects, and orange calamari-pickle monsters to discover one of the best Doctor stories of the franchise. We also revisit the

Earth Station Who Episode 18: The Angels Take Manhattan

In the mid-series finale, the Weeping Angels take a bite of the Big Apple and its up the The Doctor and the Pond family to save the day. Mike, Mike, Dave, and Bobby are joined by Keith Leonard to review the final chapter of the Amy and Rory era. And

Earth Station Who – LIVE!

Just like Muppets On Ice or Mariah Carey, you can now see the Earth Station Who team live and in-person doing what we do best!

Toy Review – Doctor Who: The 11th Doctor’s TARDIS By Underground Toys

This is the second TARDIS playset that Underground has produced, and only the third ever made (though we now have a Junk TARDIS from “The Doctor’s Wife”, an 8-inch scale vinyl playset, and a LEGO-style version). That’s kind of insane when you think about the fact that Doctor Who has

Doctor Who to Release Mini-Episode Next Week

Written by: Sam McPherson at TV Rage. May 17th, 2012, 1:59 pm Doctor Who will be returning to television next week. A mini-episode, based upon the winning entry for this year’s Script to Screen competition, will air Thursday in the UK during the CBBC channel series Blue Peter at 5:45pm.

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