Sylvester McCoy

Earth Station Who Ep 228

Earth Station Who – Delta & The Bannermen

The Seventh Doctor and Mel visit Shangri-La and put the camp in holiday camp. Mike, Mike, and Mary watch a feisty space princess in white escape a fascist regime and bear witness to the arrival of the one who will bring balance to the Chimeron and Bannermen forces. Or something

Earth Station Who Ep 172

The Earth Station Who Podcast Episode 172 – Master

Halloween season may be over, but that doesn’t stop Mike, Mike, and Mary from listening to one of the darkest Doctor stories ever produced by Big Finish. Suggested by you the listeners! We want to hear from you! Please write us at . Also, please subscribe and rate the show

Earth Station Who Ep 105

Earth Station Who Episode 105 – Battlefield

As voted on by you the listeners, the ESO crew battle onward this Seventh Doctor story. Mike, Mike, and Mary discover some familiar faces as the legend of Excalibur comes to life due to the acts of a once and future Timelord. And there was much rejoicing. Plus, a preview

Earth Station Who Episode 72 – The Happiness Patrol

The ESW crew get happy! Mike, Mike, Jen, and comic book colorist Charlie Kirchoff travel with the Seventh Doctor and Ace to get some sweets from the Kandy Man. But will this saccharine story turn us into Killjoys? Don’t worry, on Terra Alpha “Happiness will prevail.”

Earth Station Who Ep 54 – Light at the End

More 50th anniversary fun! As “The Day of the Doctor” draws closer, the ESW crew listens in on the epic audio adventure from Big Finish featuring all eight classic Doctors. Mike, Mike, Jen, Josh Wilson, and Kris Nelson take a nostalgia-filled trip full of favorite voices from the past. Plus,

Earth Station Who Episode 21: Time and the Rani

Time to change Doctors once again! Mike, Mike, and Dave are joined by Keith Castelan (U.N.I.T Southeast) and Kirby Bartlett-Sloan (20MB Doctor Who podcast) as they bounce around this story arc like one of the Rani’s death traps. What does the ESW crew think of The Seventh Doctor’s debut? The

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