Rusted Robot

Sky Full Of Stars – Rusted Robot Podcast 295

The sky was full of stars. The animals were everywhere. Was The Dukes of Hazzard a racist show? On this week’s Rusted Robot Podcast we take a look at some of what is happening around the world. NASCAR bans the Confederate flag. The Duke boys are facing criticism, but were

Fun With The Apocalype – Rusted Robot Podcast 283

End of Times Fun! Pop culture is not immune from the Corona Virus. Everything is out of stock, and all events are canceled, and yet the Rusted Robot Podcast continues to serve you! You gotta have Fun With The Apocalype! Star Trek Picard’s episode 8, “Broken Pieces” was released this

Not Too Old To Play With Toys – Rusted Robot Podcast 282

Batman toys, horse semen, action figures and fast cars! You’re never too old to play with toys. The Batman’s Matt Reeves just released 3 pictures of the new Batmobile. Therefore, we discuss our favourite batmobiles from years gone by. Just what do we think of this new 1970s style car

Space Guns and Subverted Expectations – Rusted Robot Podcast 265

Not another Hallowe’en Special! Instead we have Space Guns and Subverted Expectations After talking about some local events, such as the NOE Hallowe’en dance, and the Night Terrors Film Fest, we transition over to space news, trailers, and a special report on War of the Worlds. Quantum Supremacy. NASA and

Kittens Are Better Than Movies – Rusted Robot Podcast 241

Kittens are better than movies according to Kitty. Do we believe her? You’ll have to listen to find out! This week we record a quick and dirty episode…it’s getting late and there’s no time for a major editing job. This is the raw version of the Rusted Robot Podcast. Get

Rusted Robot 236: The Circular Logic of Flat Earth

Star Trek news, movie trailers, and circular logic of the Flat Earth Society! Canada partners with NASA’s Lunar Gateway project to send humans to the moon on a permanent basis starting in 2022, Behind The Curve – the Flat Earth documentary on Netflix presents some interesting ideas on the flat

2 Geeks, A Lesbian and a Podcast – RUSTED ROBOT 235

2 geeks are joined by a lesbian on this week’s podcast to talk about space news, toys, fried chicken and more! RIP Peter Tork 1942 – 2019, Virgin Galactic’s VSS Unity goes on its first flight with a test passenger to the edge of space, Earth’s atmosphere is much larger

My Battery Is Low and It’s Getting Dark – Rusted Robot 234

My battery is low and it’s getting dark are the saddest words ever uttered by a robot. This episode is dedicated to the longevity and importance of Opportunity, the Mars rover that lived 14 years beyond its desgned life span. The success of the mission cannot be underplayed. Terminator Dark

Rusted Robot 227: Muppets, Witchcraft and Hobbit Homes

Muppets, Witchcraft, Hobbit Homes, trailer reviews and Sci-Fi Christmas movies! This week we are back to our normal selves, and we are talking about the latest trailers, but there’s always so much more than that with The Rusted Robot Podcast. It has been a few weeks since we released a

Rusted Robot 226: Flashback

Flashback podcast time! Remember 2016? Remember when Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released? What about the hiatus that the Rusted Robot took while it was searching for a new co-host? Turbulent times my friends. This week, after a quick introduction to set the stage, we replay the original ‘Josh

Rusted Robot 214: Respect The Batman

Batman, Comic Books, Justice League, Doctor Who, Thundercats and a Star Trek Day celebration!! We cover almost everything you can imagine on this week’s episode of the Rusted Robot Podcast. Burt Reynolds 1936 – 2018, Doctor Who season 11 premiere date revealed, Thundercats movie rumour with Ryan Reynolds and Michael

Spock, Green Lantern and the Comic Movie Universe

The Rusted Robot Podcast is deep into pop culture this week. We’re taking a look at, and talking about upcoming movies, casting news, Marvel, Netflix and toys! And don’t forget everyone’s favourite segment…the celebrity death of the week! Spock lives again in the form of Ethan Peck on Star Trek

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